Mike and Brother Construction Images

MetroSHAKE Metal Shake Roofing

Mike and Brother Construction Images
MetroSHAKE, the batten-less alternative eliminates costly wood battens and allows faster installation times. Each panel is forged with deep wood grain impressions creating an exceptionally strong, secure steel roof covering for any architectural style.

All Metro products provide heavy-duty warranty performance, from 120 m.p.h. winds to hail impact and fire resistance. MetroSHAKE is finished with an attractive stone coating and embedded in a UV resistant acrylic polymer for a lasting bond to Zincalume steel.

They are designed to be secure, maintenance free, attractive, reliable and made with top quality materials.

MetroSHAKE Metal Roofing Standard Colors

Special-Order MetroSHAKE Metal Roof Colors

Additional costs and lead times apply for special order colors. Depending on the levels of outdoor light, our natural stone chip coatings reflect varying levels of light and color intensity.
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